Thursday, July 16, 2009


So its been almost two months since my surgery, and I'm so grateful for how well my life has been going lately. Im working an average of 20 hours a week which is way more than what I expected, I got a coaching job as soon as I returned to the water, and my dr says my recovery is going great...he gave me an A+!!

Here is me in the hospital like a few hours after my surgery...Im smiling because the drugs :)

So another reason why life has been so great is because I have been able to get out more and do some fun stuff!! Last Saturday my brother Preston Haws (not really my brother) invited me to a D Backs with his family and some friends. I had so much fun, It was great spending time with brother before his mission!! I love ya Presty!!

Kendon, Presty and Me!!

A few days ago was the midnight showing of the "Half Blood Prince", bur before the movie we celebrated the day of birth for my dear friend Abby :) I loved seeing my girls again!!!

I love this picture so much!!

hahaha....if you dont know, dont ask!!
So I was about to head to theater when I found out one of favoritest people was in town going to the midnight showing but at a different theater. I havent seen Lauren for a few months so I decided to pay a visit before heading to my theater. We only got to see each other for a few minutes but hey atleast we finally got to see each other. Seeing Lauren made me so excited to go to T TOWN!!! 35 DAYS!!!

usually Lauren is the one making me look white...bahah!!

When i finally made it the theater, i walked into my theater and the first two people i see are my favorite boys from high school!! We had some really good laughs before the movie started, and i finally got my Ryan hug!!

I promise Drew doesn't always look like that!!

I really do love my life right now!! Oh and Im so happy that summer is almost over so that I can go back to T TOWN!!!! WOOT!!

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