Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winter Formal!!

So I had a flashback to high school this last weekend. We had our Winter Formal, and we had such a fun time. We all had our dates, and we even went out for dinner (yay for the $1 menu at Arby's). There wasnt a whole lot of people at the dance, but I still had a blast. I think it was partly because I have the coolest funnest friends!!

Me and Devon aka. Mommy :)

Some of the girls

We were practicing our high school poses

and of course you have to pull the ties!!

Me and her!!

Jaron you were supposed to smile!

Love them soooooo much!!!

This year at EA would be incomplete without Lauren!!

So the dance was pretty much awesome. Afterwards we went to Lauren and Don's and played games till about 2:30am. Yeah I dont know why I did that, because the girls quartet had to be up early in the morning to sing for the radio. Oh well it was totally worth being dead in the morning!!

Friday, November 27, 2009


So my life has changed alot over the lasy six months, and I felt that I should do something no one ever expected me to do. So I dyed my hair!!! For a long time my friends have told me that I should try going darker but I never wanted to, because I didnt think it would look good. Well, I think I should take my friends advice more often becuase I LOVE IT!!!
This was before, I was soooo nervous!
I decided to surpise my family and friends with my hair change. I was actually nervous how my mom would take it because we were taking family pictures. To my surprise she didnt freak out, which is always a plus. Our family pictures were so much fun, and I was able to catch a few shots!
We are single ladies in the family
All the super cute them!!

Just a fun shot they got of the single ladies!!


Friday, November 13, 2009

What A Day!!

So yesterday I got up did my normal thing, and was ready for my first class at seven. I went to quartet just as I normally do and we did our normal thing. My next class was Finale, oh i should mention I have both of those classes with my sister, anywho, we walked into class and were stopped by Dr. Bishop. He said,"Hey Jones girls come sing this song for me!" We didn't think much of it so we sang through the song, it was pretty easy nothing to hard. The next thing he said was, "we need you girls to sing at a missionary zone conference with Elder Kikuchi, oh and its this afternoon!"...AS IN THE GENERAL AUTHORITY?!?!?!?! Yes thats right Tiffany and I sang a last minute musical number for a general authority, it was crazy i was freaking out!! First off I looked like CRAP and they needed us to sing at 1, so I ditched seminar (i know shoot me) and got cute and went to choir in a dress (which I never do except for devotional). We rushed out of choir and made it to the conference. The entire time i was freaking out because we had only practiced it like twice and we were singing for a GENERAL AUTHORITY!!! Not kidding you i could have peed my pants. However, It was actually a really cool experience to be in the presence of one of Heavenly Fathers servants. The spirit was very strong and I know Heavenly Father needed me to hear what Elder Kikuchi had to say. Im so thankful for that experience I had and Im so truly thankful that I can use my talents to speard the gospel!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I have now officially finished my last FALL SING EVER!!!!...well atleast that is the plan. It was a great weekend...well besides losing my voice, but other than that it was FANTASTIC weekend. I got to see my mommy, daddy, Wendi, Kim , John and my lil Abby baby!! I love my family sooo much and I'm truly thankful that they made the effort to come watch me and Tiffers!!
The show it self was actually pretty stressful because I went from one group to another to another. Fast change after fast change, but I have great friends who helped to make them as fast as possible. Out of all the groups, I have to say that performing with the quartet was my favorite! I love the quartet so much, its great to spend every morning with some of my closest friends. We totally rocked!!!

The Quartet!!

Aww look Sophie came to visit us!!!

look at our Relief Society Arms!!

I love choir girls!


This my new buddy Jessmmmmmm!! She is great!
Im sad, but yet happy Fall Sing is over. I cant wait to have my life back again, but im sad because it was my last one. However, I will be coming back to watch Fall Sing as many times as I can!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I just wanted to wish my sis Kim a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love my sister, she has been a huge example in my life. We are about ten years apart, so we have had a special bond my whole life. When I was 5, every night Kim would do a Journal with me, and i kidd you not, I still have it. Thank you for instilling in me how important Journal writing is.
She has always been the best big sister, she was the one who first started teaching me piano, to bad im not as good as she is. Kim was the one I always went to if I had a problem, she was always willing to listen. She has been though so much in her life, but yet she still remains to be so strong and I admire her so much.

This was on lil Abby's Blessing Day
One thng that all of us Jones girls have in common, is that we all went to EAC!!! I was 9 or 10 when Kim left for EAC and I was so heart broken. I made my mom call her so many times, just because I wanted to talk to her. I was even lucky enough to go and surprise her on her birthday.

Dont feel to old Kim...its only been about 10 years since you've been at EAC :)

Well I guess Im starting to ramble, but I just really wanted to express my love for my sister. She is so amazing and Im so thankful that she is in my life. KIM I LOVE YOU!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Treyson Andrew Jones

HE FINALLY CAME!!! MY FIRST NEPHEW CAME!!! If you can't tell, I'm sooooooo excited. My amazing Sis- in-law Chelsey had this beautiful boy early this morning around 1. He is a true huge Jones baby... 9lbs 8oz 21 inches.

He is such a proud daddy!!

I Cant wait to go home and hold him. I love my family soooo much, they are simply the greatest. I miss them so much.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Legally Blonde + friends = AWESOMENESS!!!

So for my sister Tiffany's birthday, me and some friends went to go see the awesomeness of "LEGALLY BLONDE"!! It was such an awesome show, of course we had really high seats, but who cares we saw it!!! HAPPY BIRFDAY SISSY!!!

don't look so happy...its not like its hot or something!


Waiting for the awesomeness to start!!

So after the show, we met up with out good ol friend Sophie!!! She gave us the hook ups at Chilli's. Hmmmmm it was sooooo good!! We miss Sophie at school :(

WE are all soooo beautiful!!!

Can't you tell that they are so excited to be reunited after sooo long!!

After eating lots and lots, most of the girls were really tired, but some of us were still wanting to party alittle more. So what do you do when you want some enterainment and fun? Take pictures of course :) And that is exactly what we did!! ENJOY!!


Lets get your hair in the wind...bahahaa

Here are some of our attempts to get jumping pictures...we would have had more, but weren't allowed to....grrrrr face!

Lauren is about ready to ATTACK!!!

Which is bigger?

Sorry Phil, but Sophie found a new younger man!


That was a super fun weekend. It was so great to spend time with the fam too. I miss them sooo much, espcially my two nieces and hopefull soon my nephew :) It was a much needed break that I needed. School is starting to get really crazy, so spending a weekend with the girls felt so good. Thanks girls for making it such an awesome one!!!