Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Holdaway Reunion :)

So this last week the Riding family (my moms side) went to Utah for the last official Holdaway reunion. It took place in Vineyard Utah which is right next to Provo and Orem. It was a blast spending time with some of my extended family I dont get to see all the time, and it was nice to get away for awhile :)

One of the first activities was going to the Oquirrh Mt Temple open house. Yes there is another temple in Utah :) It is so beautiful!! It was a great to share it with so much family. I felt the spirit so strong in the sealing room, man I cant wait to go through :)

After the temple, a bunch of us went to Salt Lake City for the rest of the day. The picture above is of my lil niece Abby. She was so cute on the entire trip...LOVE HER!! Back to Salt Lake, we spent alot of time going through the different places.

Me and Wendi in the Tabernacle

Of course we had to go to the Tabernacle!! The last time i was ...I SANG UP THERE!!! Ah the memories :) While we were there the organist was was LOUD!

The best part was seeing this beautiful Temple! To make my day better in Salt Lake, I got a call from my boss and she offered me a coaching job for the rest of the summer :)

The rest of the reunion was fun, just relaxing, playing games and not having to worry about anything. I'm so thankful for my family and how close we are, we spent several hours just talking. Oh and of course we stayed up every night playing games, we are very competative :) They are so awesome and are always there for me. They take great care of me :) Love you guys :)

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