Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winter Formal!!

So I had a flashback to high school this last weekend. We had our Winter Formal, and we had such a fun time. We all had our dates, and we even went out for dinner (yay for the $1 menu at Arby's). There wasnt a whole lot of people at the dance, but I still had a blast. I think it was partly because I have the coolest funnest friends!!

Me and Devon aka. Mommy :)

Some of the girls

We were practicing our high school poses

and of course you have to pull the ties!!

Me and her!!

Jaron you were supposed to smile!

Love them soooooo much!!!

This year at EA would be incomplete without Lauren!!

So the dance was pretty much awesome. Afterwards we went to Lauren and Don's and played games till about 2:30am. Yeah I dont know why I did that, because the girls quartet had to be up early in the morning to sing for the radio. Oh well it was totally worth being dead in the morning!!