Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Love to See the Temple!

Despite having a really crazy week with rehearsals and school, I was able to go to the temple twice this week! I love having the temple so close by here at school. Ive been lucky to always have a temple so close where ever I go. I wish i would have taken advantage of the on home in Mesa more because there is no greater feeling than being inside the temple!
So Tuesday morning after quartet me, Mikell and two of the girls from the quartet Kayley and Jessica went and did baptisms. It was really cool becuase while we were there, there was this girl how came in with about 80 family names! It was really cool becuase I knew that it was a girl who got baptized like a year ago!
Then on Thursday we were able to get a bigger group together since it was Veterens Day! It was so great being able to share it with alot of dear friends. It was really cool because I ran into a family friend in the temple so we were able to chat for a bit.
Pretty much I love the temple and Im so grateful that I get to go atleast once a week!
Our little group on Thursday!

I love that Mikell and I always go atleast once a week...ITS AMAZING!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oops my bad...

So I kind of feel bad that I havent updated, but not really since there arent alot of people who read my blog. Its been what...4 months since I've updated, i guess i have sinned in the blogging world. In my defense my life has been to put it in a nice way...CRAZY!!!

I thought I was gonna have an enjoyable summer and by lazy the entire time, but then my wonderful sister decided to get engaged and 25 days later have a wedding. Oh that was an enjoyable experience! Don't get me wrong I'm so happy she got married, 25 DAYS?!?!? yeah I dont recommend that EVER!!! Lazy summer??? I think not!! Not only did my sister get married but 2 of my cousins did as well and since my family our the wedding decorators and such we played a huge part. Needless to say I was so happy that summer was over so that I could come back to wonderful T- TOWN!!! However, I did actually enjoy my summer even tho my sister Wendi doesnt believe me. I loved being around my family so much especially my little nieces and nephew (now nephews :) ), I also really loved my job! Being a lifeguard and swim coach through the city of Mesa is pretty much the best job ever! It pays well, my bosses are really awesome, I loved the kids I coach, and the people I work with are so cool! The pool was a great place for me to escape for awhile!

My beautiful sisters!!

These are just part of the kids I coached!

Now why am I back in T- TOWN?!?!? Well to be honest I had no idea when I came back. I just had a prompting that I should come back and everything fell into place, I got a scholarship and a place to live for a really good price. So...I came back and Im so grateful I did. I don't know why but this place has become another home to me. Besides if I didnt come back I would miss my best friends way to much! Here's the funny thing, I told myself that I was gonna take it easy and not do as much...yeah right that didn't happen. But oh well, I love it and I'm learning so much and I'm having so amazing experiences!

One of my best friends ever...she would be soo sad if I didnt come back! (jk)

This semester has been really crazy. We just finished our Annual Fall Sing and to be honest it was probably one of my favorite since I have been here. Probably becuase I was so happy to get it over since Dr. Bishop decided to scare all of us and end up in the hospital after the first night. Fortunately he was able to come back and direct even though we planned for the worse. It was a very emotionally draining weekend but as usual I loved it! It was a great way to end my last fall sing :) her. We had so much fun during Fall Sing

Another reason why I'm glad I came back to EA was the fact that I met the most amazing person and I'm so lucky that he is my boyfriend :) His name is Mikell Decker and we met in company. I did all these little things to get his attention and not be obvious about it and we became best friends and lucky enough it grew into somthing more :) Mikell is so amazing I feel so lucky to have him in my life. This past month I have really felt like a princess because the way he treats me and it is not even in the big stuff he does. It is in the little things and he never ceases to make me smile. Ps everyone he asked me to be his girlfriend on the ferris wheel, I mean come on can you get more romantic than that!!! Anyway, to make it short (since this post is so long) Mikell is soooo amazing!!!

While we were waiting for "Beauty and the Beast" to start :)

Wow, well I hope I didnt put you to sleep but now I feel so great that I have blogged :) I will do my best to update more!!