Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bekah :)

The 4th of July isn't just a day for me to remember our country's Independence ,but a day to remember a great person who had a huge influence in my life. Bekah Turley was a very special person in my life and many others as well. Sadly, two years ago today, she was in a fatel car accident on her way to California.

Bekah was one who always had a smile on her face. There were many days at school where i wouldnt be in a great mood or I was just having a rough day and Bekah would come and give me a hug or just smile, and my day was just seem better.

She also knew how to have a great time with life. There were several times in choir where we would be standing next to each other and I would be laughing because she always made so many crazy faces. She also had a great love for music. If anyone had a true love for music, it would be Bekah. I loved watching her sing because she truly sang from her heart even if it was a silly song like "I'm a Train" (that song was so stupid). We had so many great times in choir :) One of my favorite memories was at the end of the year choir party, they were giving out special awards and we were giving the award..."Most Likely to Get in a Cat Fight Over Chase Thomas"...haha ;)

My all time favorite memories with Bekah came from "Pirates of Penzance". Bekah, Arielle Tanner, and I were cast as police officers, and boy was it fun. We were the best men out there!! The best part of the show was our post show ritual. All three of us would huddle together and sing(yell ) a song from "Big River" call..."We are the Boys". The Lyrics actually mean so much to me now than before....

"All together now we are the boys. All together now FOREVER and AlWAYS. All together now we are the boys. We're together FOREVER and ALWAYS." Arielle, and I sang them one last time together after her funeral. Ever since then those words have stuck with me because they are so true, we will be together forever and always!!

I feel blessed to have been able to have Bekah be apart of my life. I know that I am a better person today because of her and her love for others and for the gospel. She had one the strongest testimonies I have ever heard. I look forward to seeing her smiling face again. Bekah I LOVE YOU!!!

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shelly said...

I remember hearing the news about Bekah she was so young. I knew her sister Brooke we were roommates together at EA what a sweet post thanks for sharing.