Sunday, January 2, 2011


Guess what?!?!?! MIKELL AND I ARE ENGAGED!!! I still cant believe it happened, I still feel like it was a dream! He did it New Years morning at the Mesa Temple at like 730 in the morning. It definately wasnt anything I expected!

So Saturday morning I get attacked by my friend who was staying with me, and she made up this story that we had to go to the temple to find her sister. I did all I could to not go becuase I was still dead to the world. So, I got up, didnt brush my teeth or put on a stinking bra!! (im mad at her for that!!) Anywho, so I take her to the temple so that we can find her "sister". She told me to go one way and she would go the other, so i was walking not really paying attention and then i see Mikell by the enterance of the temple. I was completely shocked because I honestly didnt believe it was gonna happen till like Feb. or somthing. Well, we watched the sunrise and he said alot of cute and sappy things and then got down on one knee, and of course during this time im crying my eyes out. Seriously, my glass fogged up on me! After I tried to control my emotions, I spotted my sister Wendi taking pics in the bushes. Apparently he was in contact with my family, without my knowing, which is pretty hard cuz i can almost find out everything :)
Sooooooo, anywho im soooo excited for this new adventure!! We are going to get married in the Mesa Temple on May 19 th !!!!!

One of the candid shots

I love him so much! Just disregaurd that im wearing basketball shorts :)