Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So this semester I'm soooo lucky to have some of the funnest roommates EVER!! Of course they do tend to keep me up at night but I do love them!! They are so much fun! This last weekend we decided to take some roommate pics just because we are cool like that. Here are some of the pics I had fun editing :)

I can't wait to see adventures we have this semester. Its gonna be a BLAST!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Break!

It is soooo werid to think that 2009 is now officially gone!! I cant believe how fast it went by, and I hope it goes by fast cuz I wanna be done with school!!! Anywho, my break was soooo much fun! I spent alot of time with family and my good ol friends back in Mesa. As always we had our Jones family party a few days before Christmas and boy was there ALOT of people there, we had so many that we needed to do it at a church building. We had around 80 people there I think, and that wasnt even all of my cousins. I swear my family is huge...and its still growing! The party was sooo much fun and of course my grandma had to do her traditional "Pancho Claus", I think it is one of my favorite Christmas Traditions :)
Christmas Eve is always the Riding family party, and this year everything felt back to normal. Our party last year was not the same because we had it in a Care center where Grandpa was. It felt great to be back at Grandma's house.
Here are some of the girls with Grandma :)
As you can tell...we love each other
One of our traditions is to have the younger cousins do the Nativity. I guess we dont have as many younger cousins as we used tooo so we older ones got help out.
We had a plethora of angels :)
Not to mention, baby Jesus was sooo cute. Oh I love my nephew!
Sadly these are pretty much all the pictures I have from the break because my Camera died while training on the flow rider. Yes I know its winter and the water is cold but come on I live in Mesa and it doesnt get that cold, besides it was "training" ...aka lets go play on the flow rider! So for those of you who will be in Mesa this summer I strongly suggest that you stop by Rhodes Jr High and ride the Flow Rider....its amazing!!
As for my New Years, I had a blast Ice Skating!! I had a great time seeing so many old friends, some of who I havent seen in years! I am proud to say that I only fell once...and it wasnt even my fault!!
Im sooooo excited to get started with this next semester, and what greater way to start it then with a tour :) It should be alot of fun!!