Monday, July 14, 2008

Adventures of Babysitting :)

Most of the time people hate babysitting because the kids are so crazy and uncontrollable. Well they havent had the opportunity of babysiting the Maxson boys. These two boys are prolly the most adorable things EVER!!! Just see for yourself :)

AHH!! Three of my favorite people!!

Haha nice smile Cole!

He wanted to put Calli's flower in his hair

Righteous Righteous!!!

Haha this pic is courtesy of Cole, he loves my camera :)

So, not only are they so cute, but Cole is the funniest thing ever. The last time we babysat he performed "My New Philosophy" for us and it was amazing because he is only 3!! I think he prolly has better pitch than I do, i guess it helps when you have parents who are amazing performers. I can't wait to babysit for them again, I love those boys!!