Friday, November 27, 2009


So my life has changed alot over the lasy six months, and I felt that I should do something no one ever expected me to do. So I dyed my hair!!! For a long time my friends have told me that I should try going darker but I never wanted to, because I didnt think it would look good. Well, I think I should take my friends advice more often becuase I LOVE IT!!!
This was before, I was soooo nervous!
I decided to surpise my family and friends with my hair change. I was actually nervous how my mom would take it because we were taking family pictures. To my surprise she didnt freak out, which is always a plus. Our family pictures were so much fun, and I was able to catch a few shots!
We are single ladies in the family
All the super cute them!!

Just a fun shot they got of the single ladies!!



Kailei Shelley said...

Love your new color, Mar!!!

Lauren Thompson said...

Your hair is B-E-A-UTIFUL!! and yes you should listen to me more often...hahaha your fam pics are adorable

Sopha said...

LOVE it marly!! It looks great!