Sunday, November 1, 2009


I have now officially finished my last FALL SING EVER!!!!...well atleast that is the plan. It was a great weekend...well besides losing my voice, but other than that it was FANTASTIC weekend. I got to see my mommy, daddy, Wendi, Kim , John and my lil Abby baby!! I love my family sooo much and I'm truly thankful that they made the effort to come watch me and Tiffers!!
The show it self was actually pretty stressful because I went from one group to another to another. Fast change after fast change, but I have great friends who helped to make them as fast as possible. Out of all the groups, I have to say that performing with the quartet was my favorite! I love the quartet so much, its great to spend every morning with some of my closest friends. We totally rocked!!!

The Quartet!!

Aww look Sophie came to visit us!!!

look at our Relief Society Arms!!

I love choir girls!


This my new buddy Jessmmmmmm!! She is great!
Im sad, but yet happy Fall Sing is over. I cant wait to have my life back again, but im sad because it was my last one. However, I will be coming back to watch Fall Sing as many times as I can!!


Lauren Thompson said...

Yay! IT'S OVER! I'm excited to start christmas music and not be so stressed out! and hahahaha I laughed when you said "I love choir girls"

Kylie said...

Congrats Mar! Where are you planning on going after EA?