Friday, November 13, 2009

What A Day!!

So yesterday I got up did my normal thing, and was ready for my first class at seven. I went to quartet just as I normally do and we did our normal thing. My next class was Finale, oh i should mention I have both of those classes with my sister, anywho, we walked into class and were stopped by Dr. Bishop. He said,"Hey Jones girls come sing this song for me!" We didn't think much of it so we sang through the song, it was pretty easy nothing to hard. The next thing he said was, "we need you girls to sing at a missionary zone conference with Elder Kikuchi, oh and its this afternoon!"...AS IN THE GENERAL AUTHORITY?!?!?!?! Yes thats right Tiffany and I sang a last minute musical number for a general authority, it was crazy i was freaking out!! First off I looked like CRAP and they needed us to sing at 1, so I ditched seminar (i know shoot me) and got cute and went to choir in a dress (which I never do except for devotional). We rushed out of choir and made it to the conference. The entire time i was freaking out because we had only practiced it like twice and we were singing for a GENERAL AUTHORITY!!! Not kidding you i could have peed my pants. However, It was actually a really cool experience to be in the presence of one of Heavenly Fathers servants. The spirit was very strong and I know Heavenly Father needed me to hear what Elder Kikuchi had to say. Im so thankful for that experience I had and Im so truly thankful that I can use my talents to speard the gospel!!

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