Sunday, September 27, 2009

Legally Blonde + friends = AWESOMENESS!!!

So for my sister Tiffany's birthday, me and some friends went to go see the awesomeness of "LEGALLY BLONDE"!! It was such an awesome show, of course we had really high seats, but who cares we saw it!!! HAPPY BIRFDAY SISSY!!!

don't look so happy...its not like its hot or something!


Waiting for the awesomeness to start!!

So after the show, we met up with out good ol friend Sophie!!! She gave us the hook ups at Chilli's. Hmmmmm it was sooooo good!! We miss Sophie at school :(

WE are all soooo beautiful!!!

Can't you tell that they are so excited to be reunited after sooo long!!

After eating lots and lots, most of the girls were really tired, but some of us were still wanting to party alittle more. So what do you do when you want some enterainment and fun? Take pictures of course :) And that is exactly what we did!! ENJOY!!


Lets get your hair in the wind...bahahaa

Here are some of our attempts to get jumping pictures...we would have had more, but weren't allowed to....grrrrr face!

Lauren is about ready to ATTACK!!!

Which is bigger?

Sorry Phil, but Sophie found a new younger man!


That was a super fun weekend. It was so great to spend time with the fam too. I miss them sooo much, espcially my two nieces and hopefull soon my nephew :) It was a much needed break that I needed. School is starting to get really crazy, so spending a weekend with the girls felt so good. Thanks girls for making it such an awesome one!!!


Sopha said...
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Sopha said...

Yes it was so fun! I am so glad you guys came to partay at chilis! Thats where its at-and so glad my bffs could party after!