Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Must be a Music Nerd!!!!!

So this last week has been very very busy audition wise. Last thursday was my re- audition for A Cappella...I did well but sucked at the sight reading. Thankgoodness I already had a spot because the competition was so so so tough!! Friday we had Company auditions, and my 19th birthday. I think that it was a very wonderful birthday because I MADE IT!!!! Im way way excited for Company, its gonna be a very fun group this year.

Today and Yesterday, we had girls quartet auditions, and they were actually alot of fun. It was kind of werid hearing the different voices together, I never thought my voice would blend with some of the other girls that auditioned. Well, to my surprise....I MADE IT!!! Not only that, but im in it with some of my closest friends. So watch out EAC the girls quartet (Me, Tiffany, Lacey and Lauren) are gonna ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!!!!

So I really hope I can manage my time wisely this year because I am now in 4 choirs....YES 4!!! I know im a freak, but i just love all kinds of music. I love choir music ( A Cappella and Womens), musical theater (company) and close harmony (quartet) so why not get a fix of all of them right? Im really looking forward to a great year filled with some AWESOME music!!


Tanner ♥ Chaya said...

goodness! be sure not to lose your voice doing all that!

Sophie said...

I don't know if i am more excited to watch for your guys' quartet this year or company!!!
That is thee most talented group of singers for ladies quartet I can think of! Congrats!

Brandon Randall said...

Four choirs?!?! That's amazing! Have fun singing...a lot! :)

Katie Wilson said...

are you the woman bass????? hahaha

Lauren Thompson said...

Your life is almost exactly like mine! except for women's chorale....bahahahaha sucka!