Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We're Gonna Celebrate You!!

So the week before school started my wonderful sister and dear cousin decided to put a little Disneyland trip together because they are lucky enough to get people in "FOR FREEEEEE". I always love going to Disneyland...it is truly the Happiest Place on Earth!! The only down side of the trip was the fact that I was in a wheelchair for most of the trip, but at the same time we used it to our advantage to get in front of the lines :)

We were celebrating our birthdays!!

Me and Tink

We got so soaked

My all time favorite ride!!


this was the little elevator i had to ride to get on to Autopia


Oh no Tiffany is driving....SCARY!!

Oh the Tea Cups!

Aww Cousins!!!

As always Disneyland was a fun place to play...i cant wait to hopefully go back during spring break!!!!


Sophie said...

I love Disneyland. and you. and i miss you!

Wendi J said...

Um I never saw your pictures before you left. Tink is ugly. I know one that id much cuter!