Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Sing :)

Well I know that the semester is really coming to an end now, because Spring Sing is now over! It is so weird to think that it is over, this semester flew by sooooo fast but it sure was the funnest semester!! Spring Sing was such a fun show....long but FUN!! The best part was singing "The Color Purple" and being backed up by 62 other singers...I can honestly say one of my dreams came true during spring sing, I have always wanted to be backed up by a full choir. It is seriously one of the coolest experiences EVER!!! Another great part of Spring sing was having my sister Kim stand next to me during "Lord Bless", its crazy to think that she came here almost 10 years ago!

However, with it being over that also means that it was my last time performing with some of the coolest people! Seriously, coming to EAC has been the best choice I have ever made, the people here are just the coolest. Even the married people are pretty awesome!! I just want to say thanks to everyone who made my first year here really great, you all have helped me grow as a person in so many ways!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

We are so cool in our matching polos!

Aw...I'm gonna miss company!!

haha I look chubby and Lauren looks Chinese

This is Sophie...who is also my look alike on stage

We worship the ground Lacey walks on!!


Oh our lovely outfits!!

I love Aubrey!!

Bus Buddy!!

Me and the LEAL'S!!!

The work studies with the big man!! Thanks for a great year Dr. Bishop!

Oh and Im apologizing right now, because I probably wont be updating my blog for awhile after this post :)


Lauren Thompson said...

I thoroughly enjoy this post. I'm glad you came to EA too! and I'm glad we're friends cause I love you to pieces!! If I randomly decide to do choir and company're doing it with me! Spring sing is really awesome! hahaha stupid warm ups...

Marilee said...

Don't you mean WHEN you do choir next year :)