Tuesday, April 7, 2009


ITS FINALLY OVER!!! For those of you who don't know, for the last several months a have spent countless hours on a show. A show that I never thought would actually turn out, due to how frustated I would get in rehearsals. Well to my amazement the show actually came together in the end, and it was actually a pretty good show. However, Im so glad its over now, so that I can have a life again...well sort of
So heres how the two weeks of performances went:
Opening Night:

As usual there were some mess ups here and there, but we kept going and the show turned out pretty well.

1st Saturday:

My Family came including my grandma Jones and my sister and bro -in law and my lil niece ABBY!! Abby being there made my entire weekend!!! My sister Kim took a risk in bringing her down due to her still being rather small and still having a breathing mask. BUT SHE DID IT!! Thanks for making the effort Kim and John, it ment so much to me having you there :)

Im such a proud aunt!!

Here we have the youngest and the oldest of the Jones girls...and we have all gone to EAC. Its been almost ten years now!! I don't feel to old Kim. Jk!

My Grandma is histarical!!

My Proud Parents!!

I love my family!!

My Lovely profile shot

1st Monday:

Monday was probably my worst night, just because my voice was so dead. I barely made it through my numbers. I did alot of speak talking and I guess it worked out. No one really noticed, so thats a good thing.

2nd Friday:

That was a good night for me. My voice was almost back. However the engery was kind of missing from the cast, but it was still a good show. That night a lil girl came up to me and gave my a huge hug...I almost cried cuz she was so cute.

2nd Saturday

This was probably my best night and the funniest nights ever!! The enegry in the cast was alot of fun, so it was really easy to feed off the engery. My confidence and energy were boosted again when before my first big number I hear from somewhere in the audience..."GO MARLY!!" I almost broke but I didn't. Thank you Lauren for shouting, even though you are now gonna get struck down by the theater gods! Anywho, my voice felt really good for whole show, but for some reason my mic died on my last song. So for the rest of the show i was on a hand held, and it was kind of different trying to do all my awkward movements with a hand held mic. The best part was seeing my parents again. They came down again and I'm so happy they did, I have the best supportive parents EVER!!!

Closing Night:

This night was fun, just because I knew it was OVER!!! I was extra awkward in this show just for fun!! Have to say standing like I did took a tole on my knee. Its still kind of hurts! Well after the show some of my friends surprised my with flowers and DOVE CHOCOLATE!! Anyone who knows me, knows I love DOVE!!

Me and JoJo aka Megan!

Holly is one of my favorite people!

Showing our true colors

Horton finally notices me!!

I Can honestly say I wont really miss the show, I will miss the people tho. I had so much fun making jokes back stage. I will also miss the little kids after the show. They were the cutest, i even go t to sign so autographs:) However, I'm not sure if I will do a show next year, just because this show really wore me out. I guess we will just have to wait and see till next year.

Well time to go...i need to get back to the Twilight series...I'm hooked!!


Katie Wilson said...

Soooo much fun! I saw you're videos--AMAZING! We'll have to watch your recording of the show sometime! :)

Anonymous said...

girl, this was a freaking novel!
looks like you had fun. can't wait to see you again!
loves and misses!