Thursday, September 11, 2008

Life :)

I'm very pleased to anounce that Marilee is actually surviving college...Suprised? Haha so am I :) Alot has happened over these last few weeks. I'M 18!!!!!! Suprisingly I dont feel any older. My friends here at EAC made sure that I had an awesome day. We went to R&R, which is prolly the best pizza place EVER!!! We then came back to watch one of my favorite movies ever...NEWSIES!!! What more could you want from a movie cute guys and dancing and singing, thats all I need. That weekend we also had our first hardcore Company rehearsals. Oh man they were a blast, except for the major welts I got on my thighs. Oh well it was so worth it. I'm so excited for our show, its gonna be awsome.

This is what I woke up to on my birthday

So that weekend I was able to go home because it was long weekend and it was Brad Pews farewell and my family had a big family dinner. So I was able to hang out with my old pals down in Mesa, I have missed you guys a ton (maybe thats why I come home all the time...jk). My favorite thing about that whole weekend was the birthday cake my wonderful sister made me. It was the coolest thing of my life. Thanks Wendi :)

Maddi MOFFAT!! I love ya girl!!

CALLI FACE!! I miss you guys!!

This is seriously the coolest cake EVER!! Thanks Wendi.

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