Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Confessions of a Theater Nerd/ Music Dork!!

So my good ol friend Lauren tagged me for this. I guess i'm supposed to come up with 10 confessions about myself. Its kind of werid because Ive never thought about this kind of stuff before today and things the most poeple find "werid" i dont find as werid. So here it goes....

1. I make really werid really isnt uncommon for me to make some random noise. Sometimes im not aware that they come out, until my friends give me werid looks after the sound has been made.

2. I can impersonate guy voices. It all started when I was like 6. I fell in love with the movie Oklahoma, I watched it so many times that I could do a one man show. Well i started to sing like a man, and i guess it has just stuck with me cuz my voice is naturally low. Seriously tho, sometimes i catch myself singing the bass line in church.

3. I love Elvis Presley!! He was one I could personate really well, including the his hip movements. I loved his "Blue Swade shoes" and "hound dog"!! Oh and i can do his little lip thing too :)

4. I am the BIGGEST musical theater freak!!! I can tell you anything about a show, who was in it, if it won any awards, and when it opened. Its not uncommon for me to be sitting in the office having the broadway channel playing and i can tell you what show, whether not it is a revival cast , and who is singing.

5. Im a big choir/orchestra person. I can be sitting in a concert and I can probably sing along, or finger the bass part on my arm. Or I can tell you the composer of the song and a random fact about them.

6. I am deathly afraid of thunderstroms! It all started when i was like 6 and we were watching the Olympics. It was storming outside and all of a sudden our neighbors huge tree fell down. Ever since i get really jumpy and I plug my ears :(

7. I am the most insecure person. I have the hardest time being myself around people. I always think people are watching me and judging me. I think thats why im so awkward at times because im not confident and so it ends up being something awkward.

8. I have singing dreams. Its not uncommon for me to have my dreams that consists of nothing but music. Sometimes I wish my dreams would come true and that everything in my life would be music...oh wait it is almost that way.

9. Im scared about my future. Im finishing up my two years at EAC and i have no idea what to do with my life. it seems like everything i wanna do back fires and i end back in the same place...nowhere! I wish i had more answers

10. I am soooo clumbsy. As a kid i would run into things, or fall, or have things get dropped on me, thats why i have so many scares. Oh and my balance is horrible, sometimes i can just loose my balance when im standing, its funny cuz one minute im up and the next im down.

Well those are mine. Its now your turn!! I dont know who to tag, so feel free to do it. Actually I want you to do it, so do it!!!


Lauren Thompson said...

hahahaha I like your title...just what we named it. Your confessions were tender. I like how everything in your life started when you were "like 6" baha. And I love that you can tell me all the shows and who sang what in what show and how many awards they've won and all that stuff. You're like a book full of all my nerd needs! I love you!

Kailei said...

Love it, Mar! I'm glad you posted this. And I know it's hard deciding what to do next in life, but I know that whatever you choose, you will be amazing! You always are. :)