Sunday, January 11, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

So the long awaited girls night finally happened, and boy was it worth it!!!

Here is our lovely #6 from Mesa Fro...mmmm i can still taste the amazing goodness!! I should mention that we four girls scarfed that thing down so fast!!

We are tough with our for yo and cool do rags, yeah baby!!

And of course, we have to watch some kind of chick flick!! We are still workin on getting Calli Face educated with the classics!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! The best part of the night was our amazing boxers from Wallyworld!

Strut your stuff sistas!!

Dont we look freakin HOTT!!

Hmm my favorite!!

Man that was seriously the best time EVER!! I feel so blessed to have the best friends in the entire freakin world. I miss you girls so much, you have no idea. I cant wait to mess around with yous again!!

1 comment:

Marc Johnson said...

..........WOW......... that was amazing. I would out do it with pictures from the all powerful mannight, yet! There are no traces, like hte ninjas we left no trail! Not even a cookie was left muahaha!