Monday, December 8, 2008

End of the Semester Fun!!!

OH MY HECK THE SEMSTER IS OVER!!!! It flew by sooooo fast!!! But we went out with a bang!!

I'm gonna miss her!!!

Haha dont you just love Lacey's pj's!

So those pics were from our Christmas show...Festival of Carols. It was so much fun because for Company we got to wear our pj's as we performed "The Night Before Christmas". It was alot of fun, but I'm so glad to be getting new music to work with! We also had our 72nd Annual Messiah, oh my heck it was so much fun but scary at the same time. I had a solo and i was scared TO DEATH!!


I can never take a normal pic!!

So with the end of the semester comes the end of the semster STRESS RELIEVER!!! The Friday before finals EAC had jumpy toys and slides and such for several hours so that we could relax before finals. Man it was a blast, even I almost died a few times. Not gonna lie but I really liked punching people.

Well that was the end of the semester and I will post again soon with pics from my adventures at DISNEYLAND!!!

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Rachel Riding said...

Yay Disneyland!!!! And end of semester...!!!