Saturday, October 11, 2008


I have to say that one of my newest favorite holidays is FAIR DAY!!! Who would have thought that in Thatcher would would get a day off of school just because of the fair. Well I don't mind I loved not having to worry about classes and SLEEP IN!! So with it being fair day, this also ment Company's first performance. Needless to say, I was somewhat...scratch that REALLY nervous. I hadn't performed in front of a crowd in sooooo long...and i had a SOLO!!! Well I think it went well, besides the fact that my mic came off during the dance break right before I had to blet a freakin high F!! But honestly I had a really good time last night, I miss performing!! I'M WAY EXCITED FOR FALL SING NOW!!!

So here are some of the Company girls showing off our HOTTNESS!!

I love these girls so much!!!

Tawnie the Sexy Dr!!

"Follow your hands!!"

So I know I dont have more pics, hopefully there will be more from Fall Sing!!! Peace Out!!


Calliandra said...

Haha i love you! im glad those thatcher people are teaching you how to be "sexy" in college! :]miss you!

Marc Johnson said...

oh that looks like whole lots of fun. Maybe I'll have to look into EA.

Tanner ♥ Chaya said...

You look like your having so much fun My wood clearer friend!