Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Love to See the Temple!

Despite having a really crazy week with rehearsals and school, I was able to go to the temple twice this week! I love having the temple so close by here at school. Ive been lucky to always have a temple so close where ever I go. I wish i would have taken advantage of the on home in Mesa more because there is no greater feeling than being inside the temple!
So Tuesday morning after quartet me, Mikell and two of the girls from the quartet Kayley and Jessica went and did baptisms. It was really cool becuase while we were there, there was this girl how came in with about 80 family names! It was really cool becuase I knew that it was a girl who got baptized like a year ago!
Then on Thursday we were able to get a bigger group together since it was Veterens Day! It was so great being able to share it with alot of dear friends. It was really cool because I ran into a family friend in the temple so we were able to chat for a bit.
Pretty much I love the temple and Im so grateful that I get to go atleast once a week!
Our little group on Thursday!

I love that Mikell and I always go atleast once a week...ITS AMAZING!!!

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The Thompsons said...

Aww mar... you'll probably be able to go through the whole thing sooner than you think!! haha :)