Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Guess I Should Update Again!!

I guess it has been along time since my last update and surprisingly alot has happened! So i guess I should start in May!! So, the week after Spring Sing we had our Jazz Singers Show. It was alot of fun just being able to sing everything we have done this year. I don't know why, but performing means so much to me and the quartet just meant alot to me this year. Our quartet was amazing, our blend was amazing and our chemistry was great!! Not to mention we had the best vocal coach!! Patty is one of the most incredible people I have ever met. Not only was she an amazing coach, but she was like a mother to us.

Align Center

Patty and the girls!

As a Tradition in choir we have the usual "Cry Day Friday" and yes it was a cry day for me, mostly because I was saying goodbye to alot of people. It wasn't a "Goodbye Ill never see you again" , it was a "I'm really gonna miss performing with you". For me performing is everything and some of the people in choir I've been forforming with for 2 years, so it is gonna be werid not performing with them. That day Dr. B had us sing one of our songs "Grateful" and there is a line in where it says..."I've got a family of friends", as I looked around at everyone there and realized that the friends I had made were my family. I can honestly say that I have made my closest friends in choir.

Company 2009-10


Moving on!! The week after that....I GRADUATED!!!! Yes, i feel so lucky that I finished my degree at EAC in 2 years. I dont know how I did, but I did!!! Its funny though, cuz apparently there is a reason why I need to head back in the Fall, I dont know what that is yet but I cant wait to find out. Anywho, graduation was really cool since this time I graduated I actually got to be with my friends instead of being seperated like we were in high school.

Disney...not so surprised :)

the fam

All Jones girls, all of whom went to EAC (besides mommy)

The group

Some freakin awesome girls

Another fun thing that happened...LACEY GOT MARRIED!!! Lacey and Pat got married and they looked sooo happy. A few of us to the road trip to see them. It was a very fun trip. So funny story, we get to St. Johns and saw a reception outside and thought "Hey we found it!" so we are walking in and I see the bride kiss the groom, but the groom wasnt Pat. We quickly realized that that wasnt their reception. Laceys was actually down the road alittle more...ooppsy :)

Well since the summer has started alot has been going on. Im currently the Head Swim Coach for the Stapley Night team and i LOVE IT!! Nothing beats getting a tan while doing something I love. However, the biggest surprise of the summer is Tiffany and Jeffs wedding!! Which is being pulled off in less then 4 weeks!!! yeah thats family is CRAZY!!! But Im very happy for them, they are a very cute couple and I have never seen Tiff more happy :) That my friends is how things have been. It is crazy but GREAT!

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