Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So this semester I'm soooo lucky to have some of the funnest roommates EVER!! Of course they do tend to keep me up at night but I do love them!! They are so much fun! This last weekend we decided to take some roommate pics just because we are cool like that. Here are some of the pics I had fun editing :)

I can't wait to see adventures we have this semester. Its gonna be a BLAST!!!


jaronrlines said...

Fun Fun Fun! And having me there like everyday is even better.... RIGHT?!!!

Anonymous said...

so... i think that i am the prettiest one in all those pictures right??? don't you love me? you should cause who wouldn't love me? haha... jk

i'm so glad that you are my roommate marilee, it really has been a blast and i think that we will always have wonderful memories to share for the rest of our lives!!