Saturday, June 21, 2008

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So today I got bored so I decided to make one of these for myself. I'll just give you alittle overview since May. I just graduated High School. It wasnt what i expected, but hey i will never be able to forget it :)
Me and my siblings

YAY for 3 Mustketeers!!

So pretty much life is going awesome, busy but AWESOME!!! I work alot but i like it. Oh yeah I'm a lifeguard/swim coach, so i pretty much am gettin a sweet tan and i like it!! Besides that my life consists of spending time with my family and friends and of course MUSICAL THEATER!!! I'm not to great at it but i love to perform and I love to watch it. For those of you who didnt know the Tony Awards were this last weekend. THEY WERE AMAZING!!!! This last weekend was so awesome because i got so much theater. Not only did I get to watch the Tony's but i also got to watch one of my best friends perform in the MCC Workshop...GO CALLI YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

Well anyway the rest of this post will just be some pics of this last year :)

Well there you go! Hope you enjoy:)

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Marc Johnson said...

Well I'm slightly dissapointed. There are no pics of me on there. How can it be that we are such good buddies and we don't have any pics together?!?! haha It looks great